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Becoming an Electrician in New Hampshire

There are two major steps to becoming an electrician in New Hampshire. The required hours vary depending on which license type you are looking for.

Disclaimer: The state of New Hampshire may change requirements at any time… please use this for informational purposes only. Final judgments are with the Electrician’s Board.

1. Required Education

Depending on which license you are looking to obtain, the state of New Hampshire has education requirements that you need to meet. See license types below for more information.

2. Hours of Experience

Hours of experience under the employment of a Master electrician while holding an Apprentice license. Employment is the key word. You cannot just casually help an electrician out on Saturdays. You need to be employed by the Master electrician.

Journeyman License

Required Hours of Experience: The state of New Hampshire requires 8,000 hours of experience (about 4 years on average) under the employment of a master electrician to sit for your exam.


Benefit: This is the goal for many electricians. It will allow the worker to work without supervision (while under the employment of a master electrician) on residential, commercial and industrial projects.


Limitations: This license will not allow for “side work” which is conducted outside of the employment of a Master electrician. All worked conducted as a Journeyman must be conducted under the employment of a Master electrician.


Required Education: The state of New Hampshire breaks down the education requirements into “years” of training.


The full program includes Basic Electricity I, Basic Electricity II, Blueprint Reading, Controls I, Conduit Bending, Math, Motors, Transformers, National Electrical Code, Controls II, Advanced Industrial Controls, Solar Photovoltaics, NFPA70E & OSHA Safety Guidelines, Common Code Violations & NH Laws, and Advanced Code Level II.


Conduit Bending and Advanced Industrial Controls are In-Person classes. Therefore it will be necessary to contact the school directly in order to determine which classes will work for you. Our 2024 Conduit Bending classes take place on Tuesdays, either from 8am-1:30pm or from 2:30-7:30pm. Our 2024 Advanced Industrial Controls classes take place on Wednesdays, either from 8am-1:30pm or from 2:30-7:30pm. Seats are limited, and the program starts each September and runs through June. There is a special Conduit Bending class being held during the summer of 2024 on Wednesdays from 8am-4pm. The PM Advanced Industrial Controls class for 2024/25 is full.


Purchase the entire program by utilizing this link:

Purchase the entire Self-Paced Program


Purchase half of the program at a time by clicking one of these buttons:

Purchase Self-Paced Years 1 & 2


Purchase Self-Paced Years 3 & 4


Master Electrician License

In addition to the education above:

Required Hours of Experience: The state of New Hampshire requires a worker to obtain their Journeyman license and then continue to work under a master electrician for an additional 2,000 hours in this role (about a year on average) to sit for your exam.

Benefit: This license is unlimited in scope. You are permitted to work on all electrical installations and have employees under your employment.

Limitations: Only those governing laws which apply to all electricians and installations.

Wherever you find yourself in the process, M.E.I. has the ability to tailor a program to get you what you need in the shortest time possible.

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