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Join us in Our In-Person Journeyman Program

If you are interested in becoming an electrician and want the experience of hands-on labs and teacher interaction, our In-class or Livestream options may be for you. Many courses can be taken via Livestream (unless labs are required). In either case, the student is required to be logged-in or in the classroom at set times. All of our instructors are Master Electricians and know what you need to become a proficient electrician. Seats are limited and the program starts each September and runs through June.

Below is the list of courses in the order they are presented in our In-Person, Journeyman program.

First Year Courses

Below is a list of the courses included in the first year of our Journeyman Program. We arrange classes in this order so as to include the required 225 hours of education to sit for the Limited to Residential house wiring license. Some students may be able to sit for their Limited to Residential exam after they complete the first year of school, so we have arranged the courses to allow for that. Students will still need to complete the required work hours in the field before sitting for the exam. There are 45 hours of instruction in each of the following:

  • Basic Electricity I
  • Basic Electricity II
  • Controls I
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Intro to the National Electric Code
  • Conduit Bending
Second Year Courses

Below are the courses that our in-person students take in their second year. Upon completion of the second year of classes, the student will have the necessary 576 hours of education to sit for the State of Maine Electrical Journeyman license. Students will still need to complete the required work experience in the field before they can sit for the exam. The second year of the program includes 45 hours of instruction in each of the following areas:

  • Math
  • Controls II
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Electronics
  • Advanced Industrial Controls
  • Advanced National Electrical Code (Level II)


CLASSES ARE FULL for the 2022/23 School Year

Full Payment Option:
Students may enroll in the Journeyman program in one of two ways. We are pleased to offer a discount for those who pay for both years up front. The cost is $6,000. Click below to sign up and reserve your seat.

Pay in Full (with discount)

Split Payment Option:
Or, if a student prefers to pay for one year at a time, the cost per year is $3,500. Students who enroll using this option must purchase the second year by May 1st of the next school year to reserve their spot in the second year. Pricing for the second year is subject to possible pricing changes.

Split Payment

Individual Courses in Maine to Complete Your Training

You might only need a few courses to finish your training and start your career as a licensed electrician. Maine Electrical Institute has the ability to help students complete individual courses as well. Our learning covers all the necessary training to earn your license and provide expert professional service. Take a look at our list of classes that are offered in-person and let us know if we can help you finish your schooling.


Individual Courses

The Fastest Way to Get Your Schooling!