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Maine Electrical Institute in Portland, ME

Get your Electrical Training with Us.

In Class or at Home.

The Most Convenient and Quickest Way to get all your Electrical Training

Maine Electrical Institute is the fastest way for you to get an electrical education in the state of Maine. We have virtual, correspondence, and on-site classroom training to get you up to speed on the skills and expertise you need to become a journeyman electrician. Our electrical courses are approved by the state of Maine to aid you in getting your license as soon as possible. Maine Electrical Institute is the ideal choice for students who want only the classes needed to become an electrician. Whether you wish to attend class in-person or work through your courses online, you get the expert lessons and information to achieve a career in the electrical industry. We have your educational needs covered, no matter how you learn best. We serve aspiring electricians in Southern Maine with in-person classes that attend to our students’ training with the best practices and most effective techniques while keeping their work up to code. Students located throughout the state can get the same quality education through livestream or self-paced learning. Let us help you create a foundation for a successful electrical career.

Learning Options by Maine Electrical Institute

Diverse Options for Your Learning Needs

  • Every student’s needs are unique, and we cater our educational opportunities to their individual circumstances. Our on-site, correspondence, and online courses are available to teach the specific topics our students require for their licenses.
  • If you are in a unique situation requiring only a portion of the courses, you can take individual courses as fits your needs. Wherever you are in the process, we will help you get across the finish line.
  • At M.E.I. you can get your license faster because we do not make you take unnecessary classes…that’s right…no British Literature or German Polka History here! Instead, you get the specific courses required by the State of Maine to get your license.
Skill Learning at Maine Electrical Institute

Ready to Help You Earn a Career

Becoming an electrician requires in-depth expertise in electrical systems and the best methods to install and repair them. Maine Electrical Institute teaches you all the skills you need to earn your license and start your career in this vital profession. Within a few short years, you could be earning a very high wage as a skilled professional tradesperson.

Maine Electrical Institute

320 Presumpscot Street, Unit 1
Portland, ME 04103


Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM