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This video course is a continuation of our study in the National Electrical Code and takes a deep look into Chapters 5-7 with an introduction to Chapter 8. Students will be led through the articles in a systematic fashion, so as to guide the student through from start to finish and gain a solid understanding on these special codes which are often overlooked in code classes.

This course will satisfy the requirements of one elective required for either the Journeyman license or Master’s license in the state of Maine.

Additional Books/Materials Required: 

  • Student must provide his or her own current version of the National Electrical Code Book.
  • A set of at least 6 different colored chisel-tipped highlighters.
  • A set of the NEC handbook index tabs. These can be purchased directly from the NFPA website. Here is a link to a great set they provide with the handbook, the tabs, and a couple other items that are also helpful:

(NOTE: DO NOT put the tabs in the code book until directed to do so in the course. We will provide some tips and tricks on best practices at the beginning of the course.)


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