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Learn About Small Business Management in Maine

Depending on your license type, the State of Maine may require you to take “non-trade related, degree type” courses. Our Small Business Management online course is a 45-hour, non-trade-related course that meets the requirements by the State of Maine to become either a Journeyman or Master Electrician. In this course, you will learn a variety of management methods, and how to overcome many obstacles to starting a small business.

Students everywhere are welcome to enroll in this course. There are no prerequisite courses necessary. This course has a six-month completion deadline.

Course Description

Maine Electrical Institute designed this course to satisfy 45 hours of a student’s required 126 hours of non-trade-related coursework in electives for master or journeyman electrician. We cover all the following material in this course:

  • Entrepreneurship and opportunity
  • Starting from scratch or joining an existing business
  • Developing the new venture business plan
  • Integrity, ethics, and social entrepreneurship
  • Franchises, family business, and buyouts
  • Financial statements
  • Marketing plans
  • Pricing products
  • Customer relations
  • Forecasting financial requirements
  • Human resources
  • Promotional planning
  • Management of growth
  • Managing assets
  • Managing risk
  • Small business operations

We Look Forward to Helping you Meet Your Goals

Maine Electrical Institute looks forward to helping you get the education you need to start your career as a licensed electrician. We are proud of our history as a reputable institute for professional tradespeople. Taking our Small Business Management course puts you closer to your vocational goal, and our instructors will guide you in your training.

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