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Build Better Skills with Our Career Enhancement Workshops

It’s important to stay well-trained and knowledgeable about the electrical industry’s latest techniques and technologies to offer professional service to homes and businesses. Staying efficient in troubleshooting motors and controls, conduit bending technique and other specialty skills are all goals of our Career Enhancement Workshops so you can stay on the cutting edge of your career. Our career enhancement workshops for professionals cover valuable areas of the trade to ensure they have access to education to build their proficiency in electrical work in today’s world. The learning does not stop when you earn your license and start your career. Don’t fall behind the times and rely on antiquated methods. Stay on the cutting edge and thrive as an electrician serving today’s needs.

electrician teaching students

State of the Art Training Labs Available

Let Maine Electrical Institute provide up-to-date training as an electrician to stay skillful and knowledgeable in the most current tools, techniques, and technology. Our career enhancement workshops are available in our state-of-the-art classroom, located in Portland, ME.

8-Hour Basic Conduit Bending Lab

Learn the fundamentals of conduit bending to offer your customers better electrical service. We cover the essential ins and outs of pipe bending and cable pulling to help current electricians gain new insight into the industry’s most up-to-date tools and techniques.


8-Hour Advanced Conduit Bending Lab

If you already have the basic skills for conduit bending, we enhance your expertise with an advanced lab to raise your value as a professional electrician. Our instructors guide you through pipe bending and cable pulling lessons going beyond the typical basic work.


16-Hour Motor Controls Training

Motor controls are a crucial component of many electrical devices in a wide array of professional industries and residential functions. Let our knowledgeable instructors keep you current on motor controls and train you to become proficient in installations, repairs, and other services.


8-Hour Fire Alarm Fundamentals

Gain valuable practice and expertise in wiring and installing fire alarms in this hands-on lab for electrical professionals. You build your skills and confidence in basic wiring techniques, wiring sprinkler systems, avoiding ground faults, and many other crucial components to fire alarm systems.


Valuable Lessons to Improve Your Electrical Skills

Maine Electrical Institute is committed to keeping the current workforce of electricians up-to-date and operating at full strength. To ensure electricians have the educational resources they need, we regularly provide hands-on labs and training workshops to keep professionals on the cutting edge of tools, equipment, and services. You can sharpen your electrical skills by enrolling in any career enhancement workshop that appeals to your professional interests. Contact us today to reserve your spot in the next available workshop.

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